Collin ToddWelcome. We are happy to announce the addition of Collin Todd to the Boise office in June 2019. Collin will be working with Kathy over the next six months and will then assume full responsibility for the business. For more about Collin please see the About Us section.

We provide sustainable investment management and fee-only financial planning services to individuals and couples nationwide from our office in Boise, Idaho. We are both CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERs™. As fee-only advisors we earn no commissions or referrals fees and work as fiduciaries for clients. We are Investment Advisor Representatives of First Affirmative Financial Network, LLC, an independent Registered Investment Advisor.

Our mission is to help clients be responsible stewards of their investments and income, so they are both financially secure and comfortable with how their investments affect the environment, their communities and the issues they care about.

Three beliefs guide our practice:

  • Personal wealth and security are much more than income and assets.
  • People can and should earn competitive returns when they choose to invest in enterprises that contribute to a clean, healthy environment, treat people fairly, embrace equal opportunity, and produce safe and useful products.
  • Financial planning provides enormous benefit to individuals, couples, and families by creating a clear path to a shared vision of the future and relieving anxiety.

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