Financial Planning Process

Each planning engagement is unique to the client’s needs, but the process generally follows these steps:

  1. You fill out and return the Introductory Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire as a guide to discuss your questions, goals, and expectations and determine how we can best work together to meet your needs.
  2. Based on our conversation, I quote the fee for developing your financial plan. If you accept my proposal, we sign an Agreement and you pay $500 in advance.
  3. I guide you in pulling together the information needed for your plan by providing you with a workbook to fill out and a detailed list of documents to provide.
  4. getting_started_with_financial_planningYou do an exercise to gain clarity on your personal priorities, and then fill in a workbook with information about your goals and resources. You pull together the documents from my list and provide all that information to me.
  5. I review all of your information and we discuss it together to make sure I understand your specific situation and priorities.
  6. I do the analysis and develop the plan. During this process, we may be in contact to clarify information, confirm assumptions and discuss alternative approaches to different issues.
  7. You receive a written financial plan with specific recommendations addressing your priorities. Plans generally cover cash flow, net worth, taxes, insurance, investments, estate consideration and retirement planning. To see an actual plan, download the Sample Plan Narrative and Plan Illustration.
  8. We review your plan together and discuss alternative scenarios. Once we have reviewed your plan, you pay the balance of your fee.
  9. We discuss whether you would like additional assistance to implement your plan or manage your investments.
  10. I check in with you about three months after our plan review meeting so we can review your progress with plan implementation, and discuss any new developments in your situation.

To get started with financial planning, fill out and submit the Introductory Questionnaire.

What are the fees for financial planning?