Sustainable Investment Management

I work with First Affirmative Financial Network, an independent Registered Investment Advisor with more than $800 million under management that serves socially conscious investors. We work together to structure and manage a diverse portfolio designed to meet your personal financial goals, accommodate your risk parameters, and reflect your values. We manage portfolios of mutual funds and individual stocks and bonds.

Our approach to investment management is to:

  • investment_managementEmphasize asset allocation because we believe that asset allocation is the most reliable and manageable indicator of long-term performance and volatility.
  • Use diversification to eliminate as much risk as possible for any given range of expected returns. We combine different asset classes, investment styles, and managers to reduce overall portfolio volatility.
  • Take a sustainable and responsible approach to investing as another way to manage and reduce long-term portfolio risk.
  • Follow an established investment management process consistent with strict standards of fiduciary care, and recognize our fiduciary duty to manage investment expenses.
  • Cultivate a deep understanding of the people and processes within the mutual funds and investment management firms that we use in client portfolios.
  • Create strategies for investors who want to avoid making big mistakes, not for those who are willing to take big risks in hopes of achieving outsized gains.
  • Provide every client with an Investment Policy Statement (IPS), which describes how the portfolio will be managed. Download a Sample IPS.

How do I get started with investment management?