Investment Management Process

  • You fill out and submit the Introductory Questionnaire. We use the questionnaire as a guide to discuss your current financial situation, goals, expectations, questions and concerns. This first conversation allows us to figure out how we can best work together.
  • We complete two questionnaires to gather information on your risk tolerance, goals, preferred investment strategies, and social and ethical priorities. Your input on these issues helps us recommend an appropriate asset allocation and managers. Your social and ethical priorities might lead to a portfolio that avoids tobacco or fossil fuels, gives preference to companies pursuing energy efficiency, or seeks managers who use their shareholder position to engage with corporate management around worker safety or environmental issues.
  • getting_started_with_investment_managementWe develop and review an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that describes how your portfolio will be managed and proposes an asset allocation for your account. Download a Sample IPS.
  • Once you approve the IPS, we fill out various contracts and forms to open account(s) and transfer the assets. We invest your account in accordance with the IPS.
  • We monitor your portfolio on an ongoing basis and rebalance it periodically to keep it in line with your asset allocation.
  • You have online access to your account and receive monthly statements and quarterly performance reports.
  • You and I meet regularly to review your portfolio performance and make adjustments as needed.

Fees for sustainable investment management.

Fill in introductory questionnaire to get started.